Activita BE Active Conditioning Masque, a multitasker - to say the least

Really if you want a 100 in 1 product, this is it. Our BE ACTIVE CONDITIONING MASQUE does it all. We’ve designed a masque that is somewhat like any other. This mask will rapidly hydrate the skin through our innovative micro molecular delivery system. Micro hyaluronic acids provide deep revitalisation to the skin to improve overall hydration.

But wait, it does even more than that; here are all the ways you can use our BE ACTIVE CONDITIONING MASQUE.

Pair it with our Activita Supreme Skin Vitamin B Complex.

Mix 3 to 4 drops off our Vitamin B Complex to lock in the hydration that the niacinamide draws into the skin. This blend comes to the rescue for any skin that is feeling dry and dull.

Our Supreme Vitamin B Complex contains niacinamax. A proprietary blend that has high levels of niacinamide. Niacinamax brings out the full dosage of concentrated niacinamide to give your skin the most amount of hydration possible. It's a level up on the hydration of niacinamide.

Whilst our Vitamin B complex is doing its thing, our Activita Vital Cream comes in to replenish the skin's environment. This cream helps to correct any signs of photodamage and rebuilds the skin's surface. All three of these products work simultaneously to save your skin from wrinkles, rehydrate dry skin and give a freshness to dull-looking skin.

A triple threat of skin-loving ingredients is showing off here.

To push our BE masque to the fullest, mix BE masque with 3-4 drops of Activita B and then mix with our Activita Vital Cream for Sensitive & Dry Skin and apply all over the face.

Our masque can also be used on the neck and lips for a rich hydrating effect.

It will hydrate the delicate area of your neck whilst giving a full look and feel to your lips. Slather on the neck and lips, then remove after 1 to 3 minutes, revealing a naturally plump appearance.

Let’s talk about a double cleanse.

In our opinion, a double cleanse is the most effective way to cleanse. Double cleansing essentially means using an oil-based cleanser or, in this case, a ‘do it all’ masque to first cleanse then skin and then going in again with another form of cleanser. Our H4O Resolve HD Wash is perfect for a second cleanse. This second cleanse removes excess residue and leaves the skin hydrated and fresh.


Our BE masque can be used for a first cleanse; it works to break down and dissolve any makeup and environmental pollutants from the day. Softening all forms of congestion, working to prep your skin for a deep clean.

You’ll never guess this; it can also be used after laser hair removal or other laser treatments to soothe the areas. 

It is packed full of vitamin B and E. Vitamin B is necessary for cell reproduction. It also reduces inflammation and dryness. Meanwhile, Vitamin E is an active antioxidant that minimises UV damage caused. These key ingredients are non-irritating to the skin and hydrating for the skin barrier.

Our BE masque has been proven to accelerate healing time by up to 700 times. Usually, the skin scabs and would take around seven days to heal. When using this masque, skin can heal within 1 to 2 days, potentially without any scabbing due to the potent protection of the skin's barrier.

Honestly, there isn’t a way that you couldn’t use this mask.


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