Smooth wrinkles and repair sensitive aged skin by letting your skincare do its best work at night


Putting your skincare to work at night and getting a good night's rest, we think, is one of the best combinations. You get your beauty sleep whilst all of those active ingredients work their magic. This new method of mixing and matching products adds extra benefits to our products.

First, let us talk about our Dermatology Science Formula Evolve Hydro Retinol. Retinol is an unbelievable ingredient and does wonders for the skin. Our formula has been optimised with hydro stable retinol, so the application has no greasy feeling. Retinol is a hero ingredient for skin renewal, smoothing skin texture and ironing out wrinkles or fine lines.

Our Hydro Retinol can be mixed with our Activita BE Active Conditioning Masque to maximise the full benefit of your skincare at night. This masque contains micro hyaluronic acids that give instant hydration to improve skin elasticity—containing essential vitamins that are conditioned to soften the skin surface whilst reading the skin's environment to be more suited to barrier functions.


Here’s how we recommend you use the two products to give yourself a pamper session overnight—mix two pumps of the BE active masque with our Evolve retinol. The hydration from the BE masque pushes the retinol further into the dermis. The combination of active ingredients will leave you waking up with super soft skin.


Follow up with our Dermatology Science Formula Photo Corrector to push your skincare to its fullest potential in the morning. This skin solution uses a formula of Antioxidant+. This formula contains clinical grade ascorbic acid, oligopeptide-34 and tranexamic acid. All used to help fight against free radicals and improve any signs of skin damage. Targeting, specifically pigmentation, photodamage and oxidative stress. Like our BE masque, Photo Corrector uses a micro hydro delivery system to reach deep dermal layers and improve skin elasticity.

These products, individually, but more importantly, work together to repair the overall texture and wrinkles on sensitive aged skin.


NO FACE is an innovative next-generation clean skincare brand. Next-Gen Skincare means NO Toxin, NO Fragrance, NO Fake claims, NO Bias against skin types, NO Unfair treatment to the environment and workers. With patented technologies and researched new ingredients that are more effective, selective, sustainable, and bio-friendly, NO FACE is a leading social impact-aware skincare brand towards 100% sustainability.

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