Organi-C 1000 Essential Serum

Organi-C 1000 Essential Serum

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NO FACE Potent Whole C is an essential serum favourited by dermatologists and beauty gurus to boost skin cell metabolism, and to achieve a healthier and brighter complexion. It is well researched that vitamin C and its role in collagen synthesis make it a key ingredient in achieving optimum skin health.

Our Potent Whole C 1000 is derived from wholefood Australian botanicals, rather than using chemical compound Ascorbic Acid, making this product much more potent as it provides a whole unbroken vitamin chain, for the maximum Vitamin C anti-oxidant and anti-ageing benefits.

This silk-like serum delivers a large potent dose of natural whole Vitamin C through the extracts of organic Australian Desert Lime and Kakadu Plum, which has the world’s highest usable levels of vitamin C. Australian Lavender and Organic Lemon Essential Oil add anti-ageing and anti-oxidant benefits for naturally brightened skin. 


• Skin Type – All Skin Types / Mature
• Active Ingredients – Wholefood Vitamin C from Kakadu Plum, Davidson Plum

Organic Ingredients

No Fragrance, No Alcohol, No Paraben, No Animal Testing


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