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Cell Reconstructing Factor Cr
Cell Reconstructing Factor Cr
Cell Reconstructing Factor Cr


Cell Reconstructing Factor Cr


Cell Repairing/Reconstructor Cr

Shortens healing time after dermal treatments. Prevent scarring by 98%*


Age: All ages
Gender: All 
Skin Type: All skin types following skin treatment
Skin Concerns: Preventing scarring following dermal treatments
Efficacy: Effective cell recombinating factors to help healing and preventing scarring after trauma such as from dermal treatments.
How to use: Apply 2-3 times a day after cleansing.
Key ingredients (full):

MultiPeptide CRBR, BFGF, Overgrowth inhibiting factors, Immunogloblin



Best for
✔︎ Laser/dermal microdermabrasion/IPL/Skin resurfacing aftercare
✔︎ Post acne treatments/Acne scarring prevention
✔︎ Post trauma care


*After laser resurfacing and other invasive/non invasive dermal treatments (Dermapen, Laser, Fraxel Laser, Fractional Laser, THERMAGE, IPL, RF, Pigmentation Removal etc) compared to those who do not use this product.  

Dermatologically Tested

Size 10ml   


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  • Fragrance Free 
  • Paraben Free 
  • Alcohol Free 
  • Mineral Oil Free 
  • Colourant Free 
  • Cruelty Free 
  • SLS Free   


✔︎ Clinically Tested, Proven Results

✔︎ Dermatologically Tested

ⓘIsolated Peptide Technology ⒹDNA Repair Protein Chains ⓥVEGAN ⓟPLANT BASED ⒸORGANIC ⓝNATURAL ⒹDERMACEUTICAL ⓔPatented Exclusive Formula

Researched and developed by Australian Dermaceutical Lab
Made in Australia
Process & Culture

Confidently, every drop of NO FACE® is years of research and nature's best essence. 


  no face skincare Iso-Cool™️ Ingredient Preservation 

  • Fresh ingredients are kept between 5-10 degree celsius 
  • Dark room storage
  • Preserving fresh and active phyto energy, 


no face organic Certified organic plant based ingredients

  • We only use certified organic ingredients 


no face   PHYTOTech™️  peptide & protein chain isolation 

  • Patented exclusive isolation technologies
  • Isolate only useful phyto DNA chains
  • Providing the most accurate target skincare formula


no face skincareResearched and developed by Australian Dermaceutical Lab

  • Authority quality ensurance
  • Multi-steps tested product efficacy and dermaceutical certification.


NO FACE Skincare Sustainable ingredient sourcing

  • Australian grown and harvested
  • Organic botanical plants


no face skincare People centered brand culture

  • 1% revenue donating to breast cancer and skin cancer research.
  • Fair trading with all farmers and stakeholders
  • Continuing customer support after purchase


no face skincare Customer centered care team 

  • Dedicated Australian customer care team
  • Professional client account manager
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
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Sourced from Australia's best, NO FACE offers a range of top rated precious skincare products to get you covered throughout all seasons.

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Cell Reconstructing Factor Cr

Cell Reconstructing Factor Cr


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Product Knowledge

  • Where are the ingredients from?

    All ingredients are sourced from Australia

  • Where are the products made?

    All products are made in Australia

  • Have the products been tested on animals?

    No, NO FACE is a cruelty free brand. All clinical trials are offered and done to eligible paid humans to ensure efficacy.

  • What's the difference between NO FACE and other natural products?

    NO FACE products differ from using only well researched and effective natural ingredients. rather than just being natural, we are miles ahead in terms of researching and developing. Our research and development professionals are from the Australian Dermaceutical Lab and all products are dermaceutical grade.