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no face skincare australia

Dr. Henry Wood and his wife started selling a natural rash and wound healing cream in North Sydney in 1957, made from fermented plant extracts found in his parent's backyard in Queensland. The miraculous rash and wound healing cream was later identified to contain plant probiotic peptides. For over 60 years, through more scientific researches and biotechnology advances, Probiotisol was born, and the Probiotisol enriched IMMUNITY Moisturiser became the NO FACE icon.   

no face natural organic skincareNatural & Organic Skincare Workshops were held for ladies to test IMMUNITY Moisturiser to improve formula and monitor product efficacy. The goal was to create a product that naturally improves and renews the skin without causing allergy.
organic natural skincare australia no face
Natural Organic Rash and Wound Healing Miraculous Cream



NO to harmful ingredients and unproven formulas. NO FACE Pro Life culture values nature. We go through extensive researches and developments to create the finest ingredients for human beings in a sustainable way. We don't test on animals, and are proud supporters for cancer societies and charities. 



Advanced Professional Product Development


We are industrial leaders in product research and development. Our state of the art laboratories and advanced researches led to the discovery and production of patented isolated targeting factors to solve consumer dermal concerns.


Clinical Focused Research Network

NO FACE has a wide range of professional dermatological network in Australia, Japan, Germany, and the USA. Sourced and produced in Australia, our clinical partnership is all over the world.