NO FACE® is an innovative skin science brand for its unique approach to universal skincare.


NO FACE changes how skincare is often done. As all the traditional skincare routines and steps are mostly for marketing and sales purposes, which lack scientific support and biological evidence to prove the marked efficacy in targeted skin conditions.



Researched for the Core of Skin Needs


Good smelling and colourful ingredients are foreign objects to stain your skin.


In order to support the skin growth environment, we must understand the core of skin needs. It's the essential skin needs that give vitality and life to great looking skin, not the fragrant good feeling kind of commercial creams and serums with bright colours. Colorants only stain the skin and fragrance often result in gradual skin sensitivity and is associated with contact dermatitis, even the natural ones, so it's definitely for your nose, not your skin. 


NO FACE is a brand for the skin, not for the nose. If you need your skin to look and feel better, then this is the right brand for you.


Therefore, we use NO Fragrance and NO Colorants in our products. We have always stood this way since day 1. We have refused to put non-essential ingredients on your skin, because you are influenced by online advertisements, but we care about our brand being the leading skin science brand to care for your skin, and we need to stand firmly on your side to give you the right products. 

Our approach is proven to be the most effective in addressing universal skin types for both men and women due to hormonal and physiological differences. Universal skin types include people from different continents with different genetic components and environmental exposure. Traditional massively marketed skin ingredients such as AHAs and BHAs could give great results to caucasian users, but worsen the conditions for Asians, Hispanic and darker skin types, due to variable factors in PH, molecular sizes and excipients for epidermal delivery.

Due to the significant differences in everyone's skin, NO FACE has developed Diskover® Skin Typing Assessment to know your skin type, so that we can have the data to provide you the skin care that's more scientific and accurate, to target your own unique skin conditions.

NO FACE is truly researched and developed for all genders, races and backgrounds.


Start your NO FACE journey now.  








 Worldwide Recognition & Membership


European Society for Cosmetic And Aesthetic Dermatology

Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Australasian Society for Dermatology Research

International Federation of Society of Cosmetic Chemists

International Federation of Pigment Cell Societies

Asian Society of Pigment Cell Research 

European Society of Pigment Cell Research